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Most new homes come with a 1-year New Home Warranty. Within the first year, it is the Contractor’s responsibility to fix any issues that may arise due to defects or poor workmanship. This type of inspection provides a check-up of all the building components as well as any deficiencies that you can bring to the attention of the Contractor before the warranty expiration. You can Schedule Your Fayetteville, AR, Home Inspection Today!

A 1-Year New Home Warranty or 11-month Builder Warranty Inspection is typically performed before the 1st anniversary of new homeownership, while the builder is still responsible for most defects.

Did the builder call to remind you that your home warranty was about to expire? Most don’t provide this courtesy.

We offer this inspection service for homeowners who are living in a newly constructed home less than one year old. While many items are now concealed, it’s not too late for defects to be caught by the trained eye of our inspectors.

Our experience tells us that most major construction flaws go unnoticed for 3-5 years.

By this time, correcting these flaws could cost many thousands of dollars to remedy, and the builder is no longer responsible. Unfortunately, most of these flaws go unnoticed until it is too late and extensive damage has occurred.

Assisting in preventing this risk and the possibility of future costly repairs is the goal of our “Warranty Inspection” or “11-Month Builder Warranty Inspection”. Our inspection covers all major systems and includes testing of the mechanical systems and components. We will note all visible defects and write a report about them, ready for presentation to your builder. This “last chance” inspection is essential in providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

This service works so well, that most new homeowners are amazed by our findings and will refer us to their neighbors.

You can Schedule Your Fayetteville, AR, Home Inspection Today!


There was an issue with getting someone out to let Brian into the home to inspect, and Brian was incredibly patient to wait until it got worked out. He delivered a great service, had flexible options for how to pay, and was expedient in delivering both the service and the report. Thanks, Brian!

Austin Miller

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