These are the people with whose consistent dedication has facilitated in the growth, development, and recognition of Detect-It Real Estate Inspections, well-known “easy-to-do business with” reputation. Detect-It Real Estate Inspections is committed to client satisfaction which is why we are prepared to offer our Guarantee. If you need the best home inspection in Bentonville area, make the wise move and contact Detect-It Real Estate Inspections. You can schedule online or call (479) 551-8040.

Brian Yarbrough Owner of Detect-It Real Estate Inspections

Brian Yarbrough
Owner of Detect-It Real Estate Inspections

Director of Security Rosie

Director of Security

“We really enjoyed working with Brian. He came recommended and he did not disappoint. Brian did a thorough inspection and took the time to answer my questions. Dont hesitate to hire him, hell do a great job for you.”

– James Smith

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Detect-It Real Estate Inspections takes pride in our commitment to following high standards and providing professional service to all of our customers. We’re highly experienced and extremely thorough, yet have excellent communications skills to be able to put the entire house into perspective for you. When you or someone you know needs the services of a quality home inspection company, we would truly appreciate you thinking of us.

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