Frequently Asked Questions

Did the property pass?

A property does not pass or fail my inspection.  The inspection is simply a tool for you to assess the condition of the property.  It should be used to assist you to make informed decisions regarding purchase of the property.

Should I be concerned with that crack? What caused it?

Well, it depends.  There are several different cracks that can develop in a property.  Some are superficial and some should be investigated further by a licensed engineer.  As an inspector, it is my responsibility to identify the crack and determine if I feel it should be investigated further.  There are several circumstances that can create cracks from improper curing of the foundation to now earthquates.  As a rule, most cracks are superficial and pretty common, but obviously, if you feel concerned- I would always recommend further evaluation.

How long does it take? Do I need to be there the whole time?

On average, my inspection takes about 2- 3 hrs. to complete. The size of the home and the amount of issues that are discovered plays a critical role in the length of the inspection.  While there are others that may preform it quicker, this timeframe allows me plenty of time to investigate each system thoroughly.  

As a rule, inspecting a home is a pretty mundane process, but my client's are ALWAYS welcome to be present for the entire inspection process.  Most clients find that arriving approximately 15-30 minutes prior to the conclusion is sufficient time for them to refamiliarize themselves with the home and gives me an opportunity to walk them through the home to point of the items of interest that I found.