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Checking for gas leaks at the water heater

Commercial real estate inspections, while similar to residential, are generally larger in scope. An Inspector’s firm understanding of how the large mechanical systems operate and the function of the parts associated with them is paramount to you receiving a comprehensive report. Don’t be fooled, not all Home Inspectors can do these types of inspections, but Detect-It Real Estate Inspections CAN!

Detect-It Real Estate Inspections specializes in inspecting a wide range of commercial properties from industrial spaces to apartment buildings. Detect-It Real Estate Inspectors perform commercial inspections on multi-units complexes, retail stores, and centers.  Just call to let us service your inspection needs.

We can provide property owners and investors with a thorough report that will help them make the right financial decisions. Schedule your Bentonville AR Home Inspection Today!

Whether you are purchasing a 600 square foot office space or a multi-unit apartment complex, we will work hard to inform you about the current condition of your investment.

The inspection process includes a thorough analysis by a licensed building inspector. The inspection encompasses the entire building including the major components of Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, and Heating/Cooling systems.

What Should You Expect From A Commercial Inspection?

Buying a home is an emotional process – even when the purchase is meant purely as an investment.

You can still drive down the street, spot a lovely two-story home with a nice little yard, and fall in love with it. Some properties tend to have that magnetic appeal. You just can’t help yourself and before you know it, you’re making an offer.

But hold the phone.

You don’t want to commit to a down payment without knowing what you’re actually buying. You’re going to want a proper and professional commercial inspections company.

Property investors do so because it assures them that they are purchasing a house, a flat, or commercial property in top condition. It tells them whether they should buy the property or not. And this decision will be based on the inspection report.

Home Inspection Fayetteville AR | Fayetteville AR

Inspecting the furnace during operation

The inspection report will contain detailed information regarding every aspect of the property, from the interior to the exterior parts. The report will cover critical areas such as roofing, walls, and electrical, gas, as well as plumbing. Most importantly, it will include an assessment of the foundation and anything related to the structural condition of the property.

The report may also include information about the fittings such as air conditioning systems, heaters, doors, windows, and even determine if appliances are in working order. It will also contain details on the assessments regarding the safety of the property.

You should receive details on the defects, if any, from the possible cause to the level of defect. The inspector will take photographs of the broken or defective parts. Your inspector will offer recommendations in the report as to how such defects may be resolved. Do expect also that some commercial inspections companies carry out will be limited.

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The report shall also include parts of the property that weren’t examined. It must give details on inaccessibility to areas such as the roof space. Aside from inaccessibility to certain parts of the property, know that a building inspection is separate from a pest inspection. With this, you will want to get the property inspected for pests, too.

When the inspection report reveals problems with, for instance, the electrical system or termite infestation, it will be up to you to decide if you still want to go ahead with the purchase.

Home Inspection Fayetteville AR | Fayetteville AR

Moisture investigation/testing

The building and pest inspection experts provide can only give you recommendations, not offer up opinions. So make sure that the report you receive will be easy to read and comprehensive. After all, you certainly need it to make an informed decision.

Make sure that your commercial property inspector’s equipment conforms to current standards of practice. Advances in technology, such as thermal imaging systems, have bettered an inspector’s ability to identify water and air leaks and should be on your list of requirements. Schedule your Bentonville AR Home Inspection Today!

Further, make sure that your commercial property inspector has adequate training to use advanced equipment – ask for credentials!

If you are unsure of whether to hire a commercial property inspector or not, make the smart decision – move forward with an inspection. For property owners, preventative maintenance is always more cost-effective than repairs, which may also stall productivity.

Additionally, whether you are buying or selling commercial property, an inspection will give you the information you need to accurately assess your investments.

Incredibly impressed and satisfied with how thorough and detailed our inspection was! We chose the right people. – Lyndsay Moncrief

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