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When you order our Legendary 5-Star Package
you get $98 in Cash Savings and add another $740 in added value!

*5-Star* Protection Plan
The Most Protection Possible For Your Family And Your Investment
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

  • Onsite Consultation, Digital Slide Show Review & Same Day Report Delivery,
  • Detailed Report  (With digital pictures, interactive links & clear summary).
  • Termite & Wood Destroying Organisms  (Includes carpenter ants & powder post beetles).
  • Moisture Screening (Red flags identified and intrusion confirmed with a digital meter).
  • Infrared Thermal Scan (Locate anomalies and defects not visible to the naked eye)
  • Radon Gas Test (Continues 48-hour monitoring with digital hour-by-hour graph report).
  • Appliance  Recall Checks on all appliances. (Add your new appliances free at any time).
  • Air Quality Testing (Includes 2 samples).
  • Free Mold Inspection
  • Free Home Connections Service (Hassle-Free Connections To Utilities & Amenities).
  • Free Monthly Home Maintenance Tips (Prevention, repairs, and improvements). 
  • Schedule, Pay, Sign, And Receive Your Detailed Reports All Online!

Packages are made up of individual services! However, if purchased separately, they would be much more costly. When we bundle services, we can offer a much lower price ~ saving you more money!

Additional coupons and offers not applicable to 5-Star Package.

Our  5-Star Package is truly Your Best Value protecting both your family and investment!

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Perfecting the art of home inspections by utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

This is a level of inspection that far exceeded my expectations. Inspected every possible inch of the house. Super about explaining things and answering questions as we went through the process. I learned a great deal as well as things to look for and modify to make it even better. Home owners considering selling as well as owners who want to have a general ‘checkup” on their homes would do well to have this firm inspecting. I will be calling for an additional inspection in a few years…to make sure everything is still acceptable. Thank you! ~Rachel Turner

VERY impressed . Extremely professional and thorough and caught things we didn’t even expect would make the list. Checked every component of each room including the exterior, and took photographs. Provided an in-person consultation service with us after the inspection noting not only deficiencies but also items that could potentially cause a deficiency in the future. The report provides us with a road map for repairs we may want to consider in our new home. ~Lauren Shipman

Very courteous and pleasant, definitely knew his job and very patient. This is a company that goes above and beyond to get the job done and done right. I definitely recommend them. ~Barbara Sagoe

Extremely polite, knowledgeable, thorough, and above all professional. Took the extra time to explain why fixes should be made to ensure the integrity of the home and provided a very thorough report that included references and tips to help fix issues found during the inspection. My wife and I were very impressed with the experience. ~Matt Chandler

A thorough and valuable service and customer service was above and beyond anything we could have hoped for. I will recommend your services to everyone I meet who is buying a property – Thank You!! ~Larry McMasters

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Call Us Today at 479-551-8040 To get the most comprehensive home inspection in the Bentonville area. Detect-It Real Estate Inspections and Services has been perfecting the art of home inspections by utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. The industry has continued to evolve with new standards and more advanced technology to confirm the condition of the home. But one thing has remained consistent: our dedication to providing the best Home Inspection solutions.

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